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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
7:33 pm
Have you Fuckers Seen this yet?

Its the teaser trailer for High Adventure, and it is AWESOME. One thing that makes this teaser trailer so awesome is that, unlike other teaser trailers that just hint at what will happen in a movie, say, show one of batmans eyes, play a little swell of music and give a release date, this one shows entire scenes. It knows we're hungry as fuck.

The only issue I have with this teaser trailer is that the release date says "Fall 2004." So dudes, Fall 2004 only has 4 or 5 days left. So if this fucker isn't released in the next few days, I am going to be one sad little Brodie fan.

This is what I feel like right now:

6:02 pm
It's Holiday Time

That means its time to take out your DVD's of Jimmy Claus and watch, watch, watch! And when you're making your Christmas list, remember to ask Santa for High Adventure to be finished. Because lord knows evil Santa has kept it from us from far too long.

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of Jimmy Claus?

Can anyone hook me up with a rough cut of High Adventure?
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
3:31 pm
Rumors report
According to the official blog of the man behind the mission to make the greatest independent film ever, clockworkmonkey, A ROUGH CUT OF HIGH ADVENTURE HAS BEEN SLAPPED TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!

oh, man!

UPDATE: Apparently the only thing rough that has been slapped together is a rough cut of the credits. BUT IT'S A START!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
7:47 am
Why Does Brodie Brockie Hate Me So Much
First, I just thought he wanted to one-up me by making the sweetest movie ever. Then I got suspicious when he picked my hometown of Muskegon to shoot on our beloved USS Silversides submarine. Now, I know he's out to destroy me... by scaring me to death!

Nerd In Hawaiian Shirt: Hey JD, I got a Mummy. Just try to get me with your razor anti-nerd jibes NOW.

I am totally going to shit myself when I see that mummy walking around on my TV. I am so scared of mummies, I can't describe it. And it's obvious he poured his entire budget and all his creative energy into the mummy makeup, just to try to dissuede me from watching the movie. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I'm looking forward to "High Adventure" more than Meg Ryan's new one "Against The Ropes." Ha cha cha mama!

I keep trying to tell myself the mummy is not real. But here he is getting embalmbed. And here is Brodie's B-roll shooter is captivated enough to get some b-roll of it. And HERE is the very scary printing press where the whole mummy scene unfolds. And here he is in plain clothes, ticket to Los Angeles, bus pass to my house in pocket.

Fuck, I just shit myself.
Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
2:39 pm
Interview with a PIRATE
Here's my first in a series of interviews with the cast and crew of High Adventure, the greatest movie ever being made, EVER.

Masterbot2000: you reaDY FOR YOUR hi adventure interview
beninem8000: Ready as I'll ever be
Masterbot2000: Hello. So, you got cast in High Adventure. How did you feel when you got that call?
beninem8000: I felt like I'd finally gotten my chance to let the world see my genius. It was cool to know someone realized my amazing potential
Masterbot2000: How long had you been struggling before you were cast in this breakthrough role/
beninem8000: I was only CONCIOUSLY struggiling for 1.5, perhaps 2 years. In retrospect, I'd been struggling since I became attracted to ladies
Masterbot2000: So you seem to be admitting that you are an ugly, uncharismatic fellow. Now, if I were casting the greatest adventure movie ever, I would be going ofr handsome and/or charismatic performers. But never would I say Brodie Brockie is being incorrect. Tell me about your character and how your looks and inability to attract women led Brodie to cast you in the role
beninem8000: Oh yes, I'm fine admitting that I'm quite repulsive by hollywood standards, but there are still niche markets and cult followings to consider
Masterbot2000: tell how your look adds to the character
beninem8000: I have the physical strength of a 7th grade girl, yet my wimpy ass plays a PIRATE CAPTIAN. It's hilarious because of that
beninem8000: hilarious
Masterbot2000: Do doubt about that
Masterbot2000: We know we'll see the credit Ryan Wilcox: Director, Directred by Ryan Wilcox, A Ryan Wilcox Film. But tell me, truthfully, Brodie Brockie is really the man with the vison here, and wilcox is littlemore than a glorified videographer. True or false and explain.
beninem8000: To be honest, I don't pry into the inner workings of the High Adventure machine. It prevents me from acheiving the detachment I need to play a role with conviction. I do know, however, that I was allowed a great deal of freedom with my role, and I did not use it in vain.
Masterbot2000: Yes, but who had the final word on set
beninem8000: On that day, the RAIN! LOL!
Masterbot2000: never mind
Masterbot2000: listen, thanks. THIS WILL BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!
beninem8000: I wish I could give you more detail, but my role was brief, albeit, kick-ass.
Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
7:42 am
Pirates Of The Carribean 2: The Curse of the 12 Sided Die
Pirates that, in the sunlight, turn into AWESOME PIRATES!

Oh, man. No one. NO ONE told me there was going to be pirates in High Adventure. That just goes to show, I am NOT Brodie Brockie. I should have known, what with Brodie himself playing what looks like, and what I'm praying truly is a tugboat operator, there MUST be a pirate as his nemesis. My powers of plugging in appropriate characters to fill type quotas do not come close to that of writer-director Brodie Brockie. Where did they get the crack research department? A skull and crossbones flag? I NEVER would have thought of that. Thanks for the awesome pic, Brode. I have to go now, the boner I have for this movie is poking the bottom of my chin, making it most uncomfortable to type.
Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
2:28 pm
How Old Is This Guy?

Jack "Mother Fucking" Swift, Yo!

So how old do you think this guy is. More importantly, how much ass is he going to kick in High Adventure?

for all of your hiadventurejinx posting needs, publicity photos of the production of HA can be found here:

3:25 pm
I love High Adventure
I was having a discussion this past weekend of possibly hosting the New York premiere of High Adventure at my house! We have plenty of room, perhaps we could get some kind of projection screen, like when we had a Pooty Tang party.
2:38 pm
I'll Start the Bidding
I was supposed to be in this movie, but my shooting day had to be rescheduled. BAM.

I'm serious.
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